what’s a coo?

With the growth of companies in terms of capital and shareholders, it has become a necessity to employ employees who have more specific job definitions. CEO named as chief executive officer, CIO named as chairman of Information Systems Group, CGO as president in charge of expansion, CTO as president in charge of technology are some of the new titles in the working life.

The COO is the most competent person in companies, followed by the CEO, who is the chief executive. The Turkish English counterpart of the COO, which stands for Chief Operating Officer, is the director of operations and the head of operations.

Who is COO?
COO is a shortened version of the word” Chief Operating Officer”. This title is often confused with the title of CEO. The CEO is the person responsible for the implementation of the decisions taken by the company’s executive board. In small companies, the CEO also carries out the work of the operations director. However, as the company grew and the environment structure expanded, the COO position emerged with the aim of easing the workload of the CEO.

The CEO serves as a bridge between the board of directors and the executive board. He is the one who plans the future of the company. The operations director is responsible for managing the daily workflow of the company. He is the person who follows and directs all operational activities carried out within the company. It also ensures that the instructions given by the CEO are fulfilled and then reported to the board of directors. In his career path he is mostly positioned as the CEO’s heir apparent. To give an example, Tim Cook, who became CEO of Apple in 2011, had a previous job as director of operations.

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